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Taken during a tour of the Netherlands, including premiere of new work by Dutch composers Roderik de Man and Gerda Geertens.

front row: Jane O'Leary, Madeleine Staunton
back row: Richard O'Donnell, Alan Smale, David James

Madeleine Staunton, Jane O'Leary, Richard O'Donnell, David James, Alan Smale

Elizabeth Clarke, Jane O'Leary (seated at piano), Richard O'Donnell, Anne Woodworth, Madeleine Staunton (flute)

Beyond Beckett '06.jpg
J. O'Leary, T. Verbeke, D. Dunne, P. Roe, E. Clark, D. James, James Dunne (perc).

Pieces Performed:

Scott McLaughlin - Inner Shadows
Jane O'Leary - something there
Ed Bennett - Breath
Frank Corcoran - The Light Gleams...
Deirdre McKay -…

Concorde 9th June '05-1.jpg
Concorde performs:

Raymond Deane: ...una musica riposa (premiere), Four songs to poems by Mario Luzi.

J. O'Leary, M. Staunton, P. Roe, E. Clark, D. James, R. O'Donnell.

Andrew Hamilton - Tree.
Jane O'Leary - Into the Wordless.
John Kinsella - Symphony for Five.
Deirdre McKay - through still pollen.

Galway Arts Centre - 12 noon:

Fergal Dowling - Still.
Deirdre McKay - between.
Ed Bennett - Breath.
Elaine Agnew - In the Adriatic.

Galway City Museum - 2pm:

Deirdre McKay - between.
Elaine Agnew - In the Adriatic.
Scott McLaughlin -…

royal hospital kilmainham-min-page-001.jpg
Jane O'Leary - Reflections (piano).
Joan Trimble - My Grief on the Sea.
Joan Trimble - Geen Rain, Girl's Song.
Eibhlis Farrell - Procession.

Concorde Plane Poster-min-page-001.jpg
R. O'Donnell, S. O'Grady, J. O'Leary, M. Staunton, A. Woodworth.

Jane O'Leary - Variations for flute and piano.
Seán O'Riada - Four Holderlin Songs.
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