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Concorde 9th June '05-1.jpg
Concorde performs:

Raymond Deane: ...una musica riposa (premiere), Four songs to poems by Mario Luzi.

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Jane O'Leary - Reflections (piano).
Joan Trimble - My Grief on the Sea.
Joan Trimble - Geen Rain, Girl's Song.
Eibhlis Farrell - Procession.

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Director Jane O'Leary, sponsored by Murphy's Brewery.

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R. O'Donnell, S. O'Grady, J. O'Leary, M. Staunton, A. Woodworth.

Jane O'Leary - Variations for flute and piano.
Seán O'Riada - Four Holderlin Songs.

Performed by Concorde:

Elaine Agnew - In the Adriatic. (Premiere)
James Wilson - Sonatina.

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RTÉ ConTempo Quartet with J. O'Leary, M. Staunton, E. Clark, P. Roe, M. Johnson, Paul Kiernan.

Linda Buckley - downward in a freezing earth.
Jane O'Leary - A Winter Sketchbook
Ed Bennett - Static Tones and Sliding Drones
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