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Concorde and ConTempo Quartet.


Jane O'Leary - A Way Through
Judith Ring - Swelt belly at dawn
Deirdre McKay - buttons, breath, bow
Dave Flynn - Quirk No.7 'Slides, Cuts, Rolls & Crans'
Alyson Barber - Illusions

Galway Arts Centre - 12 noon:

Fergal Dowling - Still.
Deirdre McKay - between.
Ed Bennett - Breath.
Elaine Agnew - In the Adriatic.

Galway City Museum - 2pm:

Deirdre McKay - between.
Elaine Agnew - In the Adriatic.
Scott McLaughlin -…

music for galway, year unknown-min-page-001.jpg
Director Jane O'Leary, sponsored by Murphy's Brewery.

March 21st new music - different sounds-min-page-001.jpg
ConTempo Quartet with J. O'Leary, M. Staunton, P. Roe, D. Dunne.

Ian Wilson - Cetiri kamena.
Ed Bennett - Static Tones and Sliding Drones.

Concorde Plane Poster-min-page-001.jpg
R. O'Donnell, S. O'Grady, J. O'Leary, M. Staunton, A. Woodworth.

Jane O'Leary - Variations for flute and piano.
Seán O'Riada - Four Holderlin Songs.
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