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Beyond Beckett '06.jpg
J. O'Leary, T. Verbeke, D. Dunne, P. Roe, E. Clark, D. James, James Dunne (perc).

Pieces Performed:

Scott McLaughlin - Inner Shadows
Jane O'Leary - something there
Ed Bennett - Breath
Frank Corcoran - The Light Gleams...
Deirdre McKay -…

Galway Arts Centre - 12 noon:

Fergal Dowling - Still.
Deirdre McKay - between.
Ed Bennett - Breath.
Elaine Agnew - In the Adriatic.

Galway City Museum - 2pm:

Deirdre McKay - between.
Elaine Agnew - In the Adriatic.
Scott McLaughlin -…

Performed by Concorde:

Elaine Agnew - In the Adriatic. (Premiere)
James Wilson - Sonatina.
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