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J. O'Leary, M. Staunton, P. Roe, E. Clark, D. James, R. O'Donnell.

Andrew Hamilton - Tree.
Jane O'Leary - Into the Wordless.
John Kinsella - Symphony for Five.
Deirdre McKay - through still pollen.

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R. O'Donnell, S. O'Grady, J. O'Leary, M. Staunton, A. Woodworth.

Jane O'Leary - Variations for flute and piano.
Seán O'Riada - Four Holderlin Songs.

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Director Jane O'Leary, sponsored by Murphy's Brewery.

Deirdre McKay - between
Ed Bennett - Restricted Viewing
Emma O'Halloran - A Chosen Landscape
Alyson Barber - Bóithre Bána
Alyson Barber - twists and turns

Jane O'Leary - in a flurry of whispering
Judith Ring - fine feathers far below the blue floor
Ed Bennett - Strange Friction
Brian Keegan - Suspiramus

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Stephen Gardner - Stretch
Alyson Barber - Bóthar na Síoga

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Jane O'Leary - Into the Wordless
Deirdre Gribbin - How to Make the Water Sound
David Fennessy - Nightpiece
Stephen Gardner - Sextet : You Never Know What's Round the Corner

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J. O'Leary, M. Staunton, A. Smale, D. James, R. O'Donnell, P. Roe.

Ian Wilson - Timelessly This.
Jane O'Leary - Duo for Violin and Cello.
Stephen Gardner - Strange Fish.
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