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Taken during a tour of the Netherlands, including premiere of new work by Dutch composers Roderik de Man and Gerda Geertens.

front row: Jane O'Leary, Madeleine Staunton
back row: Richard O'Donnell, Alan Smale, David James

Madeleine Staunton, Jane O'Leary, Richard O'Donnell, David James, Alan Smale

Elizabeth Clarke, Jane O'Leary (seated at piano), Richard O'Donnell, Anne Woodworth, Madeleine Staunton (flute)

You never know.png
Jane O'Leary - Into the Wordless
Deirdre Gribbin - How to Make the Water Sound
David Fennessy - Nightpiece
Stephen Gardner - Sextet : You Never Know What's Round the Corner

NGOI Concert.png
Stephen Gardner - Stretch
Alyson Barber - Bóthar na Síoga

Jane O'Leary - in a flurry of whispering
Judith Ring - fine feathers far below the blue floor
Ed Bennett - Strange Friction
Brian Keegan - Suspiramus

Deirdre McKay - between
Ed Bennett - Restricted Viewing
Emma O'Halloran - A Chosen Landscape
Alyson Barber - Bóithre Bána
Alyson Barber - twists and turns

Hugh lane gallery 28-11-93 .png
A. Woodworth, M. Staunton, R.Ashley, D. James, R. O'Donnell, J. O'Leary
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